The Counterpart Group enhances the awareness & image of the professional apprenticeship gardener and landscaper

In an increasingly fast-paced world with a stronger than ever demand for young professionals, it is imporant to set new impulses and draw attention. The Apprenticeship Fund Gardening and Landscaping e.V. has set itself the goal to strengthen the apprenticeship profession of Gardener in the field of Gardening and Landscaping - short Landscaper - German-wide and to make it attractive for the next generation. The Counterpart Group develops a new, modern youth advertising campaign - which aims to attract the attention and interest of young people for the apprenticeship profession Gardener in the field of Gardening and Landscaping. With the new campaign, this booming industry is well positioned to find suitable employees and remain competitive, also in the context of the demographic shortage of young people.


The Counterpart Group designs youth advertising campaign „Eine/r wie DU“

Anyone who aims to inspire young people for an apprenticeship must excite them und give them perspectives - with clear, relevant messages. In order to strengthen the landscaper apprenticeship, Counterpart has adapted the new campaign to the target group with a direct approach ("One like you"), new didactics and a cool picture look.


Counterpart creates user-friendly manual for managing promotional materials

In addition to the campaign motifs, the Counterpart Group creates a comprehensive manual, in which the new youth advertising campaign with all its measures and tools (advertisements, trade fair booths, giveaways etc.) is presented to the members. This is supplemented by an overview of the campaign motifs in all common advertising formats, also in digital form, so that the companies can individualize the motifs and use them directly in their recruiting measures. Very simple and user-friendly.


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