The Counterpart Group makes Barlog visible on all ends

From the brand strategy to corporate design, advertising, PR, content and the matching digital appearance

The Barlog Group is the hidden champion when it comes to engineering plastics and high performance polymers for manufacturers. Customers appreciate Barlog’s power to innovate, good advice as well as its expertise in providing unparalleled, tailor-made solutions for anything to do with plastic. However, this Barlog philosophy hasn’t always been optimally communicated to new customers in the past.

Counterpart first thoroughly positions the brand to develop the Barlog Group’s brand. From there, a completely new brand image is designed and executed through all channels of communication, thus resulting in the creation of a logo, slogan and imagery, as well as new brochures, trade fair design, advertising materials, a website as well as content marketing measures and PR.

Trade fair presentation: Non-stop ideas

Using the new guiding principle ‘Non-stop ideas’, the Barlog Group vividly illustrates the company’s power to innovate as well as its advisory skills. The philosophy behind Barlog and what makes it special is made
significantly easier to convey than ever before thanks to a high-quality booth with a factory-inspired design and a conveyor band full of Barlog innovations. The conveyor band facilitates sales discussions and makes it easier to understand the problems of potential customers.



Counterpart PR agency supports Barlog with strategic PR

The company Barlog so much to say but so little time. Counterpart utilises strategic PR to support Barlog with its external communication and oversees all contact with the media and the creation of press releases, in particular by boosting coverage in specialist press. Specialist media in the target markets are addressed with special areas of focus and are provided with suitable teasers and examples of use.



Counterpart content marketing presents anniversary in a book

The Barlog Group’s range of expertise in the field of plastics and its innovative strength are showcased with a great deal of emotion to mark the company’s 20th anniversary. As a highlight for customers and any interested readers, Counterpart develops a book on behalf of the Barlog Group that features the 20 best plastics solutions and their history of development. The high-quality book and entertaining format are not only a reflection of the Barlog brand, but are extremely captivating and absolutely unique to the plastics industry in this form.

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