Counterpart has successfully supported FRÜH Kölsch for many years

Brand communication in the areas of advertising, content marketing, digital content and events

Früh Kölsch has existed for more than 111 years. That’s over 111 years of history, family tradition and a culture of brewing, but above all, of producing exquisite Kölsch beer in the shadows of the Cologne Cathedral. The brand is distributed throughout Germany as a speciality beer and continually enjoys more and more popularity. Thanks to Counterpart, its billboard advertising has long since enjoyed cult status in the region of Cologne. For many years now, Counterpart has ensured that the brand’s external communication remains relevant and modern so that things stay the same and that Früh Kölsch also becomes more and more successful on a regional as well as national level. That’s why Counterpart developed an elaborate content strategy and has left a unique yet brand-relevant mark on Früh Kölsch in the areas of advertising, online and social media.

111 years of Früh Kölsch in a book

The book ‘Kommt gleich hinterm Dom’ (Come right behind the Cathedral) is a compilation of legendary motifs from the last twenty years proving just how fun advertising can be. The campaign’s recipe for success: humorous and compelling content to which the audience can relate. Creative billboard advertising has long since enjoyed cult status in Cologne and the surrounding area. A simple motif on a red background with a double-edged yet familiar saying – that’s what the Rheinlanders expect from Früh Kölsch but also love.



Counterpart content marketing creates Germany’s most interactive beer brand on Facebook

The Früh Kölsch Facebook page, which was launched in 2011, has over 42,000 fans today. Counterpart has monitored the page since the beginning, providing interesting news and creative themes with current events, all to the enjoyment of the Früh community. Proof of which is reinforced by all the positive reactions online. At the moment (September 2016), the page is currently the most interactive beer brand on Facebook! ‘Mai first Love’ (Pronounced: My first love) is Früh Kölsch’s most successful concept on Facebook.


Packaging Design

Packaging Design Suitable for the Target Group

The Counterpart Group is implementing the packaging design for the entire Früh product portfolio - from the strategic target group development through the conception to the technical implementation. The challenge: Development of a uniform product appearance for the entire product range of the Früh family - shandy, non-alcoholic and keg soda - which is nevertheless unique and highlights the characteristics of the individual products. The result: An aesthetic and target group oriented design, which unmistabably fits the Früh family but retains its own character.

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