The Counterpart Group designs a new corporate design to enhance positive image building for the Federal Association for Gardening and Landscaping (GaLaBau)

The Federal Association for Gardening, Landscaping and Sports Field Construction e.V. (BGL) represents the interests of the German gardening, landscaping and sports field construction on federal state and federal level and in Europe. In addition to the generation of information and support in numerous areas, the association offers its members the opportunity to use different advertising means provided by the association specific for their business.

The Counterpart Group assumes the development of a new corporate design, as well as its adaptation to already existing campaign motifs. In addition, the agency develops and produces four new campaign motifs that work through their positive aura and modernity. Also the adaptation to existing, as well as new promotional material belongs to the tasks the Counterpart Group supported the association with.

Marketing support for the association members

To ensure that the new image and PR campaign of the gardeners, landscapers and sports field constructors can be used effectively, the Counterpart Group developed an extensive manual for all member companies, in which the entire campaign is presented and explained. Beside the detailed instruction for all promotional means and materials, the member businesses are provided digitally with the motifs in all common formats for an individual advertisement publication or the creation of other print materials with more than 500 files to choose from.


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