Counterpart Group and Provinzial Rheinland: two institutions in Rheinland

Advertising and content marketing explain the products whilst the digital agency gives the corporate blog a modern touch

Provinzial Rheinland is a German public insurance company headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, and is part of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. It is the No. 1 insurance company in its business, and its roots date back to the year 1722, meaning the company is definitely steeped in tradition. The Counterpart Group’s challenge is to make products which require clarification tangible to the end customer and to modernise corporate communications. The Counterpart Group has supported Provinzial Rheinland in advertising, corporate communication and the digital sector since 2013. The agency develops tailor-made, innovative ideas for all projects in a fun-filled environment.

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The Counterpart digital agency relaunches the corporate blog of Provinzial Rheinland

One of Provinzial Rheinland’s most important channels of communication is its own corporate blog. The Counterpart Group was commissioned by the company to give the outdated blog a technical and visual overhaul. The result: a modern Typo3-based corporate blog which optimises internal workflows but that also offers Provinzial new ways to present relevant subjects.


Guerrilla campaign playfully points out the problem and provides a solution

Too many people take care of their pension plan way too late. Thanks to a guerrilla campaign initiated by Counterpart, Provinzial Rheinland attracts attention to the fact that people age faster than they think by drawing caricatures of young people on the street. The campaign attracts a great amount of attention and positions the insurer as an expert in the area of private pension planning.

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