The Counterpart Group uses Kohle-Manufaktur to spark an attitude towards life

From the entire brand development to advertising, PR, content marketing, social media, digital and event expertise

Barbecuing is a passion. And for some, it even means spending their free time working on developing the perfect recipe for barbecue coal. The result: Kohle-Manufaktur’s smoke-free premium barbecue briquettes – one hundred per cent ‘Made in Germany’. The Counterpart Group’s challenge: brand development and positioning – including the logo and packaging – to the brand launch and successful establishment. Based on these requirements, the Cologne-based agency develops a sophisticated content strategy and supports the Kohle-Manufaktur with a team of experts from the fields of advertising, creativity, PR, event management and social media. Counterpart continually enables the brand’s commercial acceptance and successfully anchors the brand in the target group’s relevant set.

Packaging Design

Award-winning package design

There can be only one premium package for a premium brand. In addition to creating a unique package that looks like a shopping bag and features carrying handles as well as a practical pourer, Counterpart conceives high-quality design that is unique to the industry. The renowned jury of the Red Dot Award honoured the packaging design with an award in the category of Communication Design.

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The Counterpart PR agency supports trade press launch

After Kohle-Manufaktur’s successful launch on the German retail market, it was time to introduce the trade press to the brand and help support sales. Capitalising upon the product’s unique features, the POS advantages and design aspects, Counterpart successfully places Kohle-Manufaktur as a premium brand in all important trade media through press releases and its media contacts and attracts attention in the process.



Counterpart content marketing excels with target group-oriented content on Facebook

In the context of managing the brand on Facebook, the Counterpart Group oversees the page layout and strategic community work on Facebook. The agency continuously provides content to fans with target group-relevant teasers, creative motifs as well as current topics. Counterpart generates content with real added, for example, by presenting specialist BBQ terms in a creative yet visually eye-catching manner. The agency then shares the existing ‘knowledge’ on the website. The result: a large and highly interactive fan base in only a brief period of time.


Comprehensive content design thanks to recipe collaborations

The Counterpart Group concocts recipes for Kohle-Manufaktur in collaboration with exclusive partners such as the gourmet restaurant Remise and perfectly sets the stage for the premium products. Counterpart regularly activates Kohle-Manufaktur fans to participate in recipe competitions. The content generated is then prepared for the channels, brand website and general media and then further shared.

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