Counterpart Group lets Scuderia Azzurra’s classic car shine in all its glory

The three partners of the Scuderia Azzurra are passionate lovers of classic cars, whose love for collecting cars led them to start a business as an international supplier of classic cars a long time ago. In order to position themselves in the highly competitive market and increase brand awareness, they sought out the help of the Counterpart Group as their professional sparring partner. Developing a convincing brand name is the first step the agency takes: Under the name Scuderia Azzurra, the three partners only provide classic Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Lancia cars which have been restored using original components and are in tip-top condition. From developing a name and logo to the website and ad design to classic PR work and attendance at events, the Cologne-based agency develops an unconventional brand strategy to attract attention. This brand world enables the successful positioning of the brand on the market as well as continual growth.

Exceptional ad design in the car industry

Using unconventional ad imagery, the Counterpart Group strikes the right chord with the target group: rather than using bright, shiny vehicles, the agency presents simple vehicle bodies in an extraordinary design, since they represent the starting point of each and every basic restauration. Internationally increasing sales figures speak for its success.



The Counterpart PR agency’s comprehensive communication

Since the beginning of Scuderia Azzurra’s official market launch, Counterpart has conquered classic car media outlets – from specialist media to the general press. The agency presents Scuderia Azzurra in a visually appealing manner in print and online media by connecting with journalists personally and providing informative press releases. Within just a few months, the agency establishes the company as a coveted supplier of classic cars around the globe, from Australia to the USA and Europe.



Counterpart content marketing: Always up-to-date with informative newsletters

A regular newsletter provides the latest news on Scuderia Azzurra and presents new vehicles – adapted to the brand’s distinctive design. Registration is easily completed on the company website. Combining content, analytics and CRM together leads to an increase in lead generation and provides the basis for constant growth.


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