The Counterpart Group wows the market leader

Brand communication in the areas of billboard advertising and events

Founded in 1979, SUNPOINT is the No. 1 tanning salon chain in Germany today. The market leader stands out for its know-how, TÜV-tested quality and service plus much, much more – its increasing popularity speaks for itself. To ensure that things stay this way and that SUNPOINT becomes even more popular and successful, the Counterpart Group helps keep the brand modern. With this goal in mind, the Counterpart Group develops a creative and funny campaign that revitalises the theme of ‘tanning’ but that also simultaneously separates the SUNPOINT brand from its competitors.


Counterpart creates funny billboard campaign for SUNPOINT

The advertising campaign developed by the Counterpart Group ‘Nur gebräunt ist lecker’ (Only ‘browned’ is yummy) wins over audiences with an air of self-confidence and surprising highlights. Using unique pictures with no immediate connection to sun tanning, the Counterpart Group succeeds in helping the SUNPOINT brand attract more attention as well as achieve a very funny yet friendly ‘complexion’.


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