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regardless of whether you want to impart new luster to your existing brand, enter new markets or introduce a completely new brand or product to the market: Counterpart understands how to determine brand cores and on the basis of these design a suitable positioning and market entry strategy - accompanied by the right communication channels for you. A few examples:

The British life insurer Standard Life wanted to expand its offer to the regions Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A market that the large local providers have thus far divided among themselves and have already developed an enormous trust advance to potential customers. Therefore, Counterpart starts right at the roots, designs a market entry strategy under consideration of the products and their names, the entire literature and the German application system, the sales through agents, as well as the structure of the marketing department and internal structures. Building on this, the agency supports Standard Life from PR to advertising throughout the entire communication. With more than 3,000 active agents, the company is the leading agent insurer and according to the Handelsblatt „the most successful entry of a foreign insurer into the German-speaking market“. 

Machines, Motorcycles and Hot Coals

Sir Anthony Bamford, owner of the British construction machinery brand JCB, wondered why his products would not sell in Germany and addressed this problem to Counterpart. Through a comprehensive market analysis, Counterpart discovered the cause: an incorrect positioning and approach for the German market. Counterpart developed a completely new market entry strategy for Germany and took over the entire external communication for JCB. The result: Afterwards, the products sold in Germany, too and JCB became Europe's most successful construction machinery brand.

John Bloor bought the rights to the „dusted“ traditional brand Triumph Motorcycles. Something had to happen to revive it - but what should the brand core be, what products should they reflect and where and when should these be introduced? Counterpart advised the British businessman on all of these questions. On the basis of extensive research, the agency developed a market entry strategy as well as communicational measures and participated in the product development. Thereby, the motorcycle brand could successfully be revived.

A smoke-free coal briquette with an unprecedented burning duration. This way, the Kohle-Manufaktur, whose name did not exist at that time and which also routes back to Counterpart, reached out to us. From this briquette, Counterpart created the entire brand positioning and strategy in the premium and enjoyment sector. Building on this, name, logo and packaging - for which Counterpart received the Red Dot Award in 2015 - were developed. Ever since, the Counterpart Group has been supporting the Kohle-Manufaktur on all communication channels - from packaging and advertising through website, social media and influencer relations to PR and the entire content marketing strategy.

Experience Gastronomy and the Right Off-Road Vehicle

For a large company chain in the experience gastronomy, Counterpart developed a comprehensive gastronomy and franchise concept. This included, among other things, positioning, product and pricing strategy, as well as the implementation and development of concepts in the first two locations. In the contest „Franchise Concept of the Year“, the work of Counterpart took 2nd place.

Currently, Counterpart is accompanying the petrochemical company INEOS into the automotive market. The Cologne full service agency acts as an external marketing department and advises on a global market entry strategy for an authentic off-road vehicle. You wonder why a company like INEOS would develop an off-road vehicle? Quite simple: CEO Jim Ratcliffe is a big fan of the Land Rover Defender, whose production was discontinued. Ratcliffe wants to fill the resulting gap. Firstly, Counterpart creates the complete brand set-up. Afterwards, a board of advisors with strategy experts, content marketing specialists and communication experts is brought into existence, which designs the entire brand story and takes on the PR work in the regions Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The very origin of the Counterpart Group lies in the determination of the brand core and the subsequent conception of the market entry strategy.


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