The key to success: strategic planning

One of the most important factors of success in winning over customers is your brand awareness: In other words, all associations that are connected to the brand and to you as the party conveying a message.

This does not include what you want to say as the disseminator, but what the customer or interested party ultimately perceives and to what extent this affects his/her attitudes and behaviour. That’s why strategic planning always focuses on the target group, both in terms of successfully positioning brands as well as with subsequently developing the corporate design and brand communication. This means that we concentrate on all the people who you’d like to address.

Strategic planning looks to creatively exploit valuable insights among the target groups, by looking at such criteria as different types of lifestyles, category motifs, communication and advertising behaviour as well as patterns of purchase and use. We consolidate this relevant information into a different position to that of the competition – as a meaningful message that can be translated into a brilliant creative idea placed in the right communication channels.

In the end, this process can also result in the correct question being asked or a challenge being developed from the market's point of view. These findings do not always match the question or task which you as the customer provided to us in an advance briefing. It’s exactly this new perspective, however, that can be decisive for the future success of your brand – and thus ultimately for your business.

That’s why we’ve adopted the motto: First what’s right, then what’s good and finally what’s best!

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